How to Apply for FVP (Foreign Vehicle Permit)
before Using Private Foreign Registered Vehicle in Thailand

[1] Type of vehicle eligible to apply for permit

Every traveler planning to use private foreign registered vehicle in Thailand must apply for the temporary permit through Thai travel agency. The travel agency will have to submit the application to Department of Land Transportvia FVP system [URL:] no less than 5 working days prior to the date of entry.

Vehicles which are eligible for application are as follow;

1. Passenger car with no more than 9 seats (including driver seat)

2. Pick-up truck weighting no more than 3,500 kilograms

3. Motorcycle


Camper Cars, Motorhomes, Buses and Trucks


- Vehicles used for collaboration between Thai Government and Foreign Government

- Foreign registered vehicle frequently used around the border which is registered to the local Customs and/or the local Immigration.

- Vehiclesregistered in Lao, Malaysia and Singapore

The approval is also subjected to whether the conditions stated in [4] are satisfied.

[2] How to apply for the permit

Those who plan to use foreign registered vehicle in Thailand must apply for FVP (Foreign Vehicle Permit)through Thai licensed travel agency.

1. Travel agency must operate with inbound or outbound tourism business license.

2. Travel agency must be registered to Foreign Vehicle Permit System (FVP System) in order to submit application for FVP. [URL:]

3. The application andrequired documents mustbe submitted by travel agency no less than 5 working days prior to the date of entry.

4. If approved, travel agency must print out the application form from FVP System and bring it to the provincial land transport office to make payment and pick up FVP.

[3] Validity of the temporary permit

The validity of the temporary permit will be issued according to the submitted itinerary.However,

1. The itinerary attached to each application shall not go over 30 days.

2. Each vehicle is restricted with60-day quota per year.

[4] Conditions regarding Escorting Vehicles

In addition, the travel agency must assign tour guides/escortsto assist and lead traveler(s) throughout thewhole journey in Thailand. The guidelines are as follow;

1. 1-5 vehicles: At least one tour guide/escort and oneescorting vehicle.

2. 6-15 vehicles:At least 2 tour guides/escorts and 2escorting vehicles

3. More than 15 vehicles: At least 3 tour guides/escorts and 3 escorting vehicles

Tour guides or escorts must be Thai nationalsand at leastone of the escorting vehicle must be Thai-registered. In the case of more than one escorting vehicle, tour guides/escorts mayalso aboardtraveler’s vehicle. Travel agency shall declare the list of tour guides/escortsalong with respective vehicleeach one is assigned to drive/aboard.

[5] List of required documents for the application

Documents concerning travel agency are as follow;

1. National identification card or Certificate of legal person registration

2. Certified copy of tourism business license (issued by Tourism Department)

3. Power of attorney (only if the tourism business license holder is not able to process the application by themselves.)

Documents concerningtravelers are as follow;

1. Photo of passport with no less than 6 months of validity and visa if applicable

2. Photo of driving license (see [6] for more information regarding driving license)

3. Photo of vehicle registration certificate

4. Photo of vehicle inspection certificate or certified proof of road worthiness

5. Letter of Consent (only if the owner of the vehicle not participating inthejourney)

6. Pictures of the vehicle in color(body typeand license plate must be clearly visible)

7. Photo of Thaicompulsory motor vehicle insurance schedule by Thai insurance company

8. Photo of Thaithird party liability insurance schedulewith minimum coverage of;

a. At least 1,000,000 THB of loss of life, bodily injury or damage to health, per person in an accident

b. At least 1,000,000 THB of property damage liability per accident

9. Detailed itinerary indicating all provinces in the planned route

In the document is not in English, the certified Thai or English translation
by the competent authority must also be submitted.

[6] The fees

The fee will be collected according to type of vehicle in application as follows;

1. Application processing fee of 500 THB per vehicle

2. Permit issuance fee;

a. 200 THB per permit for motorcycle

b. 500 THB per permit for passenger car and pick-up truck

3. The administrative fee of 5 THB per vehicle

[7] Driving license

Driving licenses issued by other country’s authority which are valid and recognized by Thai authorities are as follow;

1. Driving license issued by the competent authority of ASEAN member states. However, a certified English translation by the competent authority is also required if the license does not have English.

2. International driving permit (IDP) issued in accordance with Convention on Road Traffic signed in Geneva on 19 September 1949.

3. International driving permit (IDP) issued in accordance with Convention on Road Traffic signed in Vienna on 8 November 1968.

If traveler does not have any of the aforementioned driving licenses, it is the responsibility of travel agency to assist traveler in acquiring the temporary driving license (30-days validity) on the date of entry atthe provincial land transport office located within the province of entry.

[8] Acquiring the 30-day temporary driving license

After completing all immigration and customs clearance procedures on the date of entry, travel agency must escort traveller(s)who is without valid driving licenseto the nearest provincial land transport office in the province of entry. The required documents are as follow;

1. Passport with no less than 6 months of validity

2. Letter by travel agency giving consent for the traveller to use agency’s address as a reference of residence in the temporary driving license

3. A medical certificate

4. A valid driving license issued by the foreign government and a certified Thai or English translation by the competent authority

The procedures are as follow;

1. Take physical test

2. Attend 1 hour of training session

3. Pay the feeand collect the driving license

a. Temporary driving license 200 THB

b. The administration fee 5 THB

[9] For more information

1. For Bangkok:Department of Land Transport (DLT)

1032 Phaholyothin Road, ChomPhon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

- Bangkok Land Transport Office Area 5 (Building 2 Floor 3)

- International Transport Affairs Sub-division(Building 4 Floor 5)

2. For other provinces:The provincial land transport office (main branch)

-------------------------Updated as of September 2021-------------------------

Foreign registered vehicle without the temporary permit shall be denied from entering Thailand.
Driving in Thailand without valid driving license is an offense.